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Bringing Discount Wholesale Properties to the Masses by Creating Financed Investment Opportunities.

National property wave is an all encompassing Real Estate platform designed for investors of all levels. We pride ourselves on having created a simplified system for both novice and seasoned investors. We have established proprietary financed opportunities for investors by allowing them to maximize their purchasing power on our discounted wholesale properties. This is extremely important and beneficial to investors because 99% of the time these same exact wholesale properties are cash only deals, and financed offers are not even a distant option. Our investors on average receive $30K+ in equity and savings EVERY DEAL EVERY TIME ! Through our system we take the remaining 1% and make the dream possible by providing an opportunity for you to get financing for these wholesale properties and leverage your capital so that it can be used for down payments on multiple properties. Where else can financing be equal to or better than cash .... Here at National Property Wave !

Did You Know?

Over the last two centuries, about 90 percent of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate.

Finance Your Investment Same as Cash

With our unique proprietary financed wholesaler buying program we have set the stage for your financed offer to get accepted the same as a cash offer.

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Join the journey with us as we educate you on how invest like the pros.

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Sign-up now to receive more information about National Property Wave. Let us help you become the real estate investor you’ve always aspired to become. Once you sign-up, you’ll learn how to start investing in real estate though our education system or one on one and group coaching. We’ll give you access to our wholesale property list as well. Did we mention that this information is FREE! We’re here to guide you through your first investment property, then the second, third, fourth, and so on….

Once you've signed up, you'll have access to our Wholesale Property Platform, FREE Education, FREE Coaching, as well as our Preferred Lenders that are ready to help you take advantage of this revolutionary real estate investment opportunity.

Want to upgrade your financial situation today? Learn how to use the Sellers equity to buy your investment property. Our team will coach you, get you financed, and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.


National Property Wave Wholesale Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Real Estate Program Features

Start Investing Today!

You will have access to a select pool of lenders that are familiar with our wholesale property program. All we require is a willing investor, if you've decided your ready, we have the wholesale property investment program for you.

Free Investment Guidance and Coaching

We're here to help you (did we mention free of charge). We've assembled our team with intent, we've brought together some of the sharpest minds within the local Las Vegas real estate market

Wholesale Property List

By signing up for our free program, you'll instantly receive access to our wholesale property list. Once you sign-up, you'll receive more information about the wholesale properties.

Wholesale Property Discounts Even When Financed

Our wholesale property program will allow you to receive wholesale price reductions as if you were using cash to buy the property. This applies to individuals who are being financed for for the purchase of the property. Can you say "instant equity?"

Using Other Peoples Money to Start Investing in Property

Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Robert Kiyosaki has constantly mentioned the concept of using other peoples money to earn your income.

We're Seeking Individuals for Our Wholesale Investment Program

We're here to guide you through the process, every step of the way. We're seeking people who have aspirations to become investors in the local Las Vegas property market. We're not just providing a program that you can learn, we actually have the program for you to use. From the wholesale properties to the lenders, we have the program you can start using today!

Tax Benefits For Property Investments Are Massive

We'll teach you just what you need to know about property investing and the tax benefits that are associated with it. Even our own current president doesn't pay taxes. That's because he invests in real estate.

We're Here to Ensure You Succeed

Our team is comprised of individuals that have worked their entire life within real estate, mortgage, and property investment sector. It's about time someone shook up the real estate industry! We're the team that will show you how to become an investor in real estate properties in Las Vegas.


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"National Property Wave was just fantastic from start to finish. They explained appreciating assets, income producing assets and passive income, we had no idea. We are very happy with our investment."
- Zane and Irma Skufca.

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Finally, A True Wholesale Property Investment Program That Actually Works...

This is an opportunity of a lifetime on a both business and a personal level. If you are finally ready to take your future into your own hands, National Property Wave has created specialized buyer programs to fit every investor’s situation. We have assembled this programming specifically so that our investors can enjoy the benefits of a better future. You can now be on the “inside” to understand how people are making passive income through real estate. To take advantage of this life changing program, all you need to do now is make the call!

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